Monday, July 29, 2013

Austrian Birthday Adventures

The first weekend of June we went on another group trip; this time to Tirol, Austria for a friend's 30th Birthday extravaganza.  As you might have figured out by now, we expats like to live large and don't bother with your run-of-the-mill Holiday Inns.  Nope, we spent the weekend at a nature resort in chalet apartments.  Think basically a little kid's fantasy adventure land.  The weekend's activities included canyoning, white water rafting, and birthday binge drinking.  Canyoning is just nuts and I obviously opted out.  Even though everyone who did it had a blast, I on the other hand would have had a panic attack and mental breakdown.  Here's a video of canyoning so you can get an idea of how terrifying this is to a girl with a fear of heights...

I did, however, opt-in for the rafting and drinking (not simultaneously).  Here are some pics of both....

Actually, these happen to be the only two pictures we have as evidence of the first night's festivities. Maybe they're all we need; perhaps they say it all.

I do, however, possess plenty of pictorial evidence of me being adventurous for once.  Here's us white water rafting...

Our livers may have suffered and some memories may still be hazy, but as is the norm with this crew we had an incredible time.  Thanks again to Megan for organizing an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cinque Terre

In May we went on a group trip to Cinque Terre; a beautiful vacation destination consisting of five coastal villages on the Italian Riviera.  We stayed the weekend in an apartment at Villa Montale located in the village of Monterosso.  It was a pretty baller Villa, and I would definitely recommend it, however, I would try to keep the 3AM disco parties to a minimum as the elderly tenants below do not appreciate being woken up in the wee hours of the morning to a 7 person rendition of "Hey Jude".  But I don't know any other way to end a night of Monterosso bar hopping and feasting, so good luck with keeping it down for the local oldies.  Disco night was followed by a beach day where we philosophized about cloud formations, buried a friend, and recovered from the previous night's indulgences.  All in all a pretty fantastic weekend getaway.  Kevin and I are looking forward to revisiting this summer and leaving our footprint on the other villages of Cinque Terre.

View from Villa

Just Minutes from the Villa...

 Japanese Tourist Love

Scott & Mya picking up chicks
Mya on the look out for more tourists

Walk to Dinner...

Looking pretty civilized, minus Kevin's drunk eyes
The Feast
Me killin' it
The beginning of the end....Andrea is not impressed with her husband

 Beach Day
Mya helping bury Ben

Best.  Weekend.  Ever.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swiss Tours

The last leg of my parent's visit was, of course, Switzerland.  We showed them around Zurich, and I also went on a day trip with them to Mt. Rigi and Lake Lucerne.  Luckily we had some fantastic weather.  Check out the pics below...

Mt. Rigi

Go, Dad, go!

Boat Ride to Lucerne


We had so much fun with you guys, and cannot wait for the next Christmas in Zurich! xx