Thursday, April 16, 2015

Marc's Farewells - Zermatt & Chamonix

Two days after getting home from Portugal we headed to Zermatt for a Matterhorny farewell to our amazing buddy Marc (he moved back to the U.S. of A. this past  It was pretty incredible, 20+ friends came to help send him off.  However, this wasn't the only send off.  Whenever someone moves back home it's like a month long goodbye.  So we also spent a weekend in Chamonix, France for the final farewell trip.
Hanging Out in Zermatt
The Matterhorn

My mocktail trying too hard to fit in, totally overcompensating with the garnishes and umbrella.  

There was a curling tournament going on.  Shockingly, it wasn't as exciting as we hoped it would be and left after 3 minutes.
In front of our hotel

Kevin the Mountaineer
(it was Marc's going away present - an antique mountaineering axe) 

Usually Kevin, Mya, and I are the only ones snowshoeing while everyone else skis, but this time we had a whole crew.  We snowshoed to a fantastic restaurant that you can only reach by hiking/skiing called Franz & Heidi Findlerhof.  On the way back down to town we had to take it slow as Mel was having some pre-term contractions.  Luckily, there was no need to use my Labor & Delivery skills and baby Matthew stayed put until his due date.

Restaurant Findlerhof

The newest addition to the puppy pack - Deacon!  Isn't he adorable?

Heading back to town.

Farewell Dinner

This bar is always a fun time.  Even 5 month pregnant Jen enjoyed herself.  I mean Zermatt Jen didn't come out, but it was still a blast.  Although, I did get judged for being at a bar while with child.  This guy in his late 40's was sitting alone at the bar next to our group, and all night I noticed he kept staring at my belly.  I thought, OK either he's got some creepy fetish for preggos or he is totally judging me.  Later in the night I guess he finally built up the courage to talk to me instead of just stare.  He asked if I was pregnant, I said yes, then he asked, "Why are you here?".  I respond that a big group of us are here for a going away party for our friend.  Then he says, "Don't you think this is a bad environment for a future mother?".  Ah OK, you were judging me (which is the better of the two options actually...gross).  I knew to expect unsolicited advice once the baby is born, but I didn't expect to receive it while the baby was still inside me.  I mean if I was throwing back beers I would totally get the judgment, but I constantly had a bottle of Perrier in my hand.  Apparently this guy still thinks women should go into confinement like medieval times, and hide in a dark room until the baby is born.  Whatever.  Anyhow, like I said it's always a fun time at Papperla Pub as evidenced by this video of Marc crowd surfing...

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
At the beginning of February we headed to Chamonix for Marc's for real final farewell trip.  This was our first time in Chamonix.  We weren't able to do any snowshoeing because for some reason there aren't any marked trails and you have to pay 90EUR per person to go with a guide.  So I nixed that one.  At 6 months pregnant I wasn't very willing to go on an guided snowshoe adventure.  Sorry Kev.  But we were able to take the lift up to the mountains and walked around town.  Check out the prettiness...

We were bummed to see Marc go, but we are so excited to come visit him & Annie in LA.  September 2016 - mark it in your calendar Swiss Style!  

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