Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lake Annecy Half Marathon

This past weekend we went to Annecy, France for Kevin's first half marathon.  He ran it with four of our friends, and they all killed it!  I was so incredibly proud of everyone especially Kev.  Just picturing him running to the finish line is getting me all teary eyed (must be the pregnancy hormones -- I am due in 2 weeks after all).  Seriously though, it was such an extraordinary achievement not only because, duh, it's a 21 kilometer race, but also because it so beautifully illustrates his determination and strength in his recovery.  To think that 5 months ago he was retraining his brain how to stand, and now he's running half marathons.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  He finished in 1 hour 52min and I couldn't be prouder. 
Where We Stayed
We stayed in an awesome house on the lake.  Click here for the link.

Before the race on the lake house deck.

The fans - me and Jenny.

Walk Around Annecy
Picking up their numbers.
Posing by the marathon poster.

The Race
Kevin jogging to the starting line.
Doug & Corrie at the start
Kevin at the start (he's in the long sleeve blue shirt)
Coming in first for the group -- Corrie
Doug coming in for 2nd
Andrea finished 3rd of the group, but we missed her photo :(.  Kevin came in 4th.

And last, but not least -- Jose!
Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose!

And with that I am FINALLY caught up with all the blog posts.  Yay!  Now Baby girl can be born anytime.  We ready to meet her.  Don't worry Heather, I promise this blog won't turn into a boring baby blog.  It'll still be about our travels, but with a new addition in the pics.  In fact we already have baby's first flight booked for our friends' wedding in Vienna.  If she's born on time she'll be 5 weeks old.  Are we crazy?  We shall find out.

Easter Weekend in Lugano

During Easter weekend our friends Gervan and Tish came for a visit from Trinidad.  We did our best to find the sun in Lugano (a city in Ticino - the Italian region of Switzerland).  Although it wasn't as sunny as we had hoped it would be, we still had a great time exploring the city.  Gervan and Kevin went on some hikes while the girls decided it was best to soak up some sun lakeside.  Was great catching up, and we're looking forward to seeing them again in Trinidad!

 Kevin & Gervan's Hikes

Susie's 30th Parisian Birthday

At the end of February Matt (my brother), Susie (my sister-in-law), and 11 of their friends went on a pretty amazing week long trip to Barcelona and Paris to celebrate Susie's 30th birthday.  Kevin, Mya, and I met up with them on the Paris portion.  I was so happy that we were able to hang out with them, especially since it had been over a year since we saw them last.  We spent our time walking around Paris, taking an evening boat ride, and even had a photo shoot.  As a birthday present Susie's friends had organized a professional photographer to take photos of everyone by the Eiffel Tower.  Such a cute idea, plus Kevin and I got a maternity shoot out of it.  Click here for the photography company they used (they are located in 130 cities).  Can't wait to see Matt & Susie again in May when they come to meet their niece!

Mya loves a hotel closet.
The Photo Shoot