Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We're Still Here & So Are The Alps

I have been informed by family and friends that I have become a slacker blogger.  I may not have posted anything in over a month but never fear.  We are still kickin' it on this Swiss adventure of ours, and to prove it I bring you the Alps...

Back in February we spent a Saturday afternoon at Mount Pilatus.  Yet, this wasn't just any Saturday in the Alps.  It was special.  Why you ask?  The sun was shining!!!  It's been a grey grey winter my friends, and I never thought a Florida girl like me would get so excited by sunshine.  Check it out.

Heading up the mountain

We reach!

Swiss beach chairs
"Look Mya it does exist!"; Mya and I shocked to see the sun.

Heading back down the mountain

We didn't end up going this season, but next year we there!