Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Amy Winehike

Back in May we went on our very first "Amy Winehike".  Among our friends, Amy Winehike is an annual event that is looked forward to with much anticipation (especially by Scott).  Why?  Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, our friends (and ourselves included) are quite the boozy bunch who happen to also enjoy hiking.  Amy Winehike ingeniously combines both loves by taking a day trip to the Lavaux region of Switzerland to hike and drink our way through the beautiful vineyards along Lake Geneva.  Kevin and I had spent a much more civilized weekend in Lavaux last August, however, this time around (for some reason) the day is all a bit of blur.  I may not remember much, but I know this much is true: I don't got no time for no worries, I don't got no time for no stressin'...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Walensee Hike

The weekend after Rugby 7's we were in dire need of a detox, and decided to give our livers a break by refraining from alcohol and actually doing something good for our bodies -- hiking.  So we took a one hour train ride from Zurich to Walenstadt to hike around the beautiful lake Walensee.  We pass by Walensee a lot during our travels, and have always wanted to visit.  So we were excited to finally be hiking around this absolutely stunning lake.  However, we were under the impression that we were doing an easy panoramic stroll along the lakeside.  Nope.  This was a proper hike with lots of steep uphill action.  I needed to use my walking sticks and everything (actually I think the official term is "trekking poles").  Anyways, it might have just been me and some grannies who needed the aid of their sticks, but whatevs, I ain't got no shame.  If you are interested in our route, click here for some more detailed info.  And as always with hiking posts, here's the most important bit -- the pictures...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rugby 7's

For Kevin's 35th birthday we celebrated by going on a weekend trip to London for the Rugby Sevens tournament.  While normal rugby matches last 80 minutes, matches during the Rugby Sevens are only 15 minutes long (two 7 minute halves with a 1.5 minute break).  The duration of the matches is an obvious difference, however, the most notable difference is that during Rugby Sevens practically no one is watching the games.  Why, you ask?  Well to be perfectly honest, everyone is too busy getting their drunk on to take any notice of the actual rugby.  It's basically an excuse for a massive party, and what's a party without a theme?  Every year there's a different theme for the tournament.  This year's was "Monsters", hence our super cool monster costumes.  It was an awesome time from start to finish.  From the seriously claustrophobic train ride to Twickenham Stadium (like I'm talking Japanese style crowded, but instead of being sardined next to business people on their way to work, you're smashed up against drunken monsters...it was an experience in and of itself), to "watching" the games (i.e. getting on like it was Oktoberfest, and then randomly bumping into an impromptu drum line), to our post-tournament monster invasion of a local pub (we definitely kept the non-monster patrons entertained), and finally ending the night with a crazy-fun house party that went on till morning.  The next day was a rough one to say the least, but it sure was one helluva fun way to ring in Kevin's late 30's. 

And for your viewing pleasure, me dancing like an idiot to the Rugby 7's Monster Drum Line....