Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm gonna use my usual excuse for my most recent bloggin' break - we've been busy traveling.  And in between traveling we've been busy enjoying this beautiful Swiss spring/summer with hikes and lakeside fun.  So to catch y'all up on our newest adventures, I'll start with our weekend trip to Bordeaux....

In the beginning of May we took advantage of the holiday weekend (May 1st is Switzerland's Labor Day), and dropped puppy off by her BFF, Lenny, before flying over to Bordeaux for a lil' weekend getaway.
How Mya spent her holiday weekend - creepily staring at Lenny while he slept.  Awe, puppy love.
Day 1: Wine Tour & St. Emilion
Wine Tour
We started off our visit with a lil' vino by taking a wine tour with a company called Bordo Vino.  Lucky for us, we were the only ones on the tour.  We visited two chateaux located in Graves (a subregion of the Bordeaux wine region), Chateau Haut-Bailly and Chateau Latour-Martillac.  By now we've been on our fair share of wine tours, and you always hear the same they harvest, the science behind winemaking, fermentation, etc., etc.  Honestly, at this point I feel to skip the tour and just get straight to the good stuff - the tasting.  However, the guide at Chateau Latour-Martillac was amazing.  He was very enthusiastic and passionate, and I actually learned new things.  I could spew off some new facts I learned, but rather than bore you with my newfound wine knowledge I'll just show you our pictures instead...
Chateau Haut-Bailly

Posing in front of 120 year old vines

Chateau Latour-Martillac

Our guide telling us fun stuff about the gravelly soil of Graves. 

St. Emilion
Friday evening we took a short train ride over to St. Emilion (the oldest area of the Bordeaux wine region).  We walked around this cool ancient town, enjoying some glasses of wine along the way, before heading over to Restaurant L'Huitrier-Pie where we had the best meal of our trip.

Day 2: Arcachon Day Trip &  Evening in Bordeaux
Arcachon Day Trip
On Saturday morning we took the train over to Arcachon (a city on the Atlantic coast, 60km from Bordeaux).  We visited Arcachon for two reasons and two reasons only: (1) to take the ferry over to Lege-Cap-Ferret so we could stuff our faces with oysters, and (2) to take the bus over to Plya-sur-Mer to indulge in an exorbitant amount of overpriced drinks at La Co(o)rniche - a swanky hotel with killer views of the Atlantic and the Dune du Pilat (the tallest sand dune in Europe).  We were so in love with La Co(o)rniche that we seriously considered missing the last train back to Bordeaux and shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on a room, just so we could eat dinner there and not abandon the fantastic views.  It was that good.  But alas, we decided not to break the bank and instead spent our last night in Bordeaux.  Although it was a short trip, I think we did Bordeaux right.
All the sticks are the oyster farms 
Oysters & Rose 

Gazing at the Atlantic
Now that is a low tide

La Co(o)rniche
On the left is the Dune du Pilat 

Evening in Bordeaux
Place de la Bourse

Ballet Photo Shoot รก la Swan Lake
  (on the water mirror in front of Place de la Bourse)

Cailhau Gate
Dinner is served