Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Back in early March we, along with some friends, took a weekend trip to Saas-Fee, Switzerland. While everyone else hit the slopes, we spent the weekend sledging and hiking.  Yes I went sledging, but I wouldn't go as far to say that I accomplished the feat of conquering my fears.  This had to be the most gentle sledge run in all of Switzerland.  So Kevin of course thought it was totally lame.  I on the other hand found it absolutely delightful - a nice scenic, very very slow, decent down the mountain. Kevin wasn't up for a repeat experience of kiddie sledging, so we spent the rest of the day kickin' back in the sun with some vino and beers.  The next day we took a wintery hike before catching the train back home.  Nice lil' weekend.  Check out the winter wonderland that is Saas-Fee...

On the way back to the hotel we stumbled upon this outdoor concert.  It was pretty cold and I was trying my best to keep Mya warm - wrapping her up in my scarf, holding her so her lil' paws weren't touching the ground.  Kevin was like, "God she's fine.  Leave her alone."  Alright, alright, we're going home soon, Puppy can suck it up for another song.  Then this Swiss lady comes up to me and says, "Your dog needs ear plugs. The music is too loud for her." Hahaha, she must be joking, cuz I mean come on, doggy ear plugs are just ridiculous.  Then she says, "She's shaking and is obviously very unhappy. It's too cold for her."  Oh my God, you have just confirmed my every fear!  I am the worst puppy parent ever! "Kev, let's head back."  Gotta love the Swiss and their love for unsolicited advice.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Moritz: White Turf Horse Race & Snowshoeing

Back in February we spent a weekend in St. Mortiz to attend a horse race, but this wasn't just any horse race.  It took place on a frozen lake in one of the ritziest towns in Switzerland, and the events weren't limited to your run-of-the-mill flat and trotting races.  The White Turf International Horse Race is the only race in the world to include an event called Skikjöring - where the jockeys are on skis (either on their feet or riding on a ski-chariot) and are pulled behind their unsaddled thoroughbreds at speeds up to 50km/h as they hold onto the reins for dear life.  Although it was cold and snowing, the champagne was a flowin' and our pockets were rapidly emptied by unlucky, albeit fun, bets.  For my first horse race it was pretty sweet.  Check it out...
Submarine bar 
How convenient.  A BMW dealership right on the lake.
Palm trees on a frozen Swiss lake.  
We asked for Prosecco, they replied "Oh no.  We only have Champagne."  Of course you do.
The track
The track
Mya and me in the stands.  She hated me.  It was so cold.
Race #1
Lucky number 8!  If I recall correctly, this is the guy I bet on, and it turned out to be the only wining bet for our entire group.  I based my scientifically informed decision on the flexibility of the jockey. "Nice splits, I'll go for that guy". 
The day before the races Kevin, Mya, and I went on a lil' snowshoe adventure...
You can see the race track on the lake.

Playing in the snow.
Mya looks terrified.  Tough trip for the puppy.