Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mya Goes to Venice

 How Mya spent her Easter holiday in Venice....

Mya admired the canals,

and took a stroll through town.

 Mya visited Murano,

and saw a glass blowing demonstration.

Mya went sightseeing,
Doge's Palace
St. Mark's Square
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge
and hung out by the canal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In March, we along with a group of friends spent a weekend in Amsterdam.  We arrived a bit earlier than everyone else, and anticipating that a weekend of debauchery was upon us, we decided to take the opportunity to explore the city before our friends arrived.  So we went on a four hour guided walking tour.  I know, woah, four hours was long.  Luckily our tour guide was good, and fellow tourist Gary (an elderly Asian guy from Hong Kong) kept us entertained by putting in his two cents at every stop.  We walked by world famous sites such as Big Mama Alley (where some lovely curvacious ladies were already hard at work at 10AM), saw canals galore, and sampled some Gouda at a local cheese shop.  Check it out.....

Kevin sampling some Gouda and Dutch liquor that tasted much like Kirsch (so, in other words, disgusting). And there's our boy Gary in the background!

We (OK maybe just me) were missin' Mya, and were so excited to walk by these adorable Dutch puppies just chillin' while their owner did some DIY.
After the marathon walking tour, we enjoyed a beverage by the canal.
The highlight of the weekend was a private boat tour through the canals with a company called Aemstelland.  If you find yourself in Amsterdam you gotta do this.  We had so much fun. Check it out....

I want to be them when I grow up. 

The crew

Crushing Croquettes
After an all you can drink 2 hour boat ride, I was obviously super excited for the croquettes.