Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fall & Winter

There's less than four weeks till my due date, and I still have five or so posts to write about our travels.  So since I won't have time to write about everything that happened this past fall & winter, I'm doing this photo dump of various things we did between our bigger trips.  Enjoy the pics...

Winterthur Oktoberfest
At the end of October we went to Winterthur's Oktoberfest (Winterthur is a city close to Zürich).   Attending Oktoberfest pregnant and sober is interesting.  I cannot believe Mel and I did it.  Downing steins of water isn't quite the same.  And I have no idea how we managed to fit into our dirndls.  Our boobs, however, looked spectacular. 

Lake Zürich


Mya Visits Kevin in the Hospital

Rehab Jail Breaks
Thanksgiving by Ben's
On one of his jail breaks, we went to see the city Christmas lights...

This was Kevin's first night home after being discharged from the rehab center.  Great way to celebrate with our friends for a Christmas dinner.
My mom and dad were here for Christmas, yay!  Jenny & Doug hosted Christmas Eve dinner by them.  Fantastic time.

Doug is a master mocktail maker.

Schmiede Snow
Kevin and Mya went sledding in our park.

Mya on our rooftop with her new winter coat.

While my parents were here we spent a day in Lenzerheide with Stacie & HP.

Colmar, France
For the last day of my parent's visit we went to Colmar to visit the Christmas markets.  So thankful my mom and dad were able to make a last minute trip to spend Christmas with us!   

New Year's
Stacie hosted a fab New Year's dinner. 

End of Winter

Me and baby Matthew!  LOVE him. 

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