Thursday, April 23, 2015

Susie's 30th Parisian Birthday

At the end of February Matt (my brother), Susie (my sister-in-law), and 11 of their friends went on a pretty amazing week long trip to Barcelona and Paris to celebrate Susie's 30th birthday.  Kevin, Mya, and I met up with them on the Paris portion.  I was so happy that we were able to hang out with them, especially since it had been over a year since we saw them last.  We spent our time walking around Paris, taking an evening boat ride, and even had a photo shoot.  As a birthday present Susie's friends had organized a professional photographer to take photos of everyone by the Eiffel Tower.  Such a cute idea, plus Kevin and I got a maternity shoot out of it.  Click here for the photography company they used (they are located in 130 cities).  Can't wait to see Matt & Susie again in May when they come to meet their niece!

Mya loves a hotel closet.
The Photo Shoot

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